Arrowkey Consultancy is a swedish-based freelance software development company hosted by Anton Johansson.

I can offer you a fullscaled service running a website. We do your frontend(template, graphic design), backend(users, database) to make you project successful. We can on top of that host your website on a secured Linux server located in Sweden, you will gain access to your files or I will for a charge provide changes for you.


Well experienced in these subjects

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Reactjs, Redux, Cookies & sessions, PHP, Lua, SQL, XML, WordPress, Adobe Creative Tools, Git, Google SEO Tools and more...

Arrowkey projects

Below you can find some of our projects we've developed and are hosting. Arrowkey used to provide e-shops and information sites.


Champsbattle is a 2D MOBA & Battle Royale PC game 100% owned and ran by us and is currently in the Alpha state. Welcome - champsbattle.com [ON-HOLD].


Midhem Online is a MMORPG tournaments PC game 100% owned and ran by us. Welcome - midhem.com [ONLINE].

Customer projects

Everything in the portfolio have been worked on with a personal level with customers. Descriptions below are in swedish language. We are not exposing all works customers here.


The CaliFactory är en idrottsförening som erbjuder workshops inom Calisthenics och Street Workout, instruerat av några utav Sveriges bästa atleter inom sporten. Välkommen att prova på i Lund/Malmö.


- Utbildad Personlig Tränare med bas från Ljungbyområdet. Erbjuder PT, Träningsprogram, mätning och Kost & Hälsa - Ange "ARROWKEY18" och få 10% rabatt!